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ColorM is a powerful way to show your great content in a colorful and appealing way. With the multiple functions built in this bold and impressive Bootstrap 4 theme you can present practically anything and even build a small web store.

ColorM Bootstrap Responsive Template

ColorM Blocks Preview

Image of all Blocks available in Bootstrap Responsive Template

ColorM Bootstrap Responsive Theme Features

Powerful Slider

The slider is great for showing your powerful images or setting a statement with each slide’s customizable header text and buttons

Masonry Gallery

Images arranged as tiles and popping up in a light box. The gallery is clever so it rearranges to fit the proportions of your inserted images

Images and video

Any image you want including a vector SVG one can take place in your blocks. Same count for any YouTube video – just place the address 

Contact/Subscribe  forms

The easiest contact and subscribe forms. Form solution included but you can add your own if you need to

Mobile menu

The menu is 100% mobile friendly automatically resizing to display equally great on any device

Dropdown menu

This feature gives you the power to reflect any site’s structure in your navigation element – easy and fast

Google Maps

As a solo or a part of a block the maps are simple to set up and scale– just type in your address and the Mobirise Builder will do it for you

Social share

There is a special blocks for this need – just insert it and select the social networks you want included

Video background

All the blocks come with the ability to contain a YouTube video as a background – simple and beautiful

Parallax background

The trendy and impressive parallax effect can be added to any image background you desire by just flipping a switch

Full screen intros

Let nothing distract your users from what’s important with the intelligent scaling to fit the whole display of any device into elements

Article blocks

Create colorful and appealing articles. Arrange your content any way you want with the flexible and convenient article blocks


Sharing what others say about you can sometimes be crucial for your business or ideas.

Price tables

Flexible, great looking and full of editable features elements to present your services to the public

Cookies alert

Convenient and easy to set up the cookie alert can be used to relay any pessage you find important to your site’s visitors

Google analytics

Track what’s going on with your site easily by just pasting the code provided to you by Google in the corresponding field in your site’s settings

Intros with Forms

Grab your user’s opinion right in the intro elements or call them to subscribe to your mailing list easily with an intro with the right form

Video Pop-Up

When you need a video but don’t want it to take up space. Video emerges on click saving space for your inspiring content

Typed Effect

Attention grabbing effect of multiple captions changing as if somebody types them right now on the screen

Animated Background

Let some words gracefully scroll in the background of what you’re saying for a stylish and interesting appearance

Features and Content

Showcase your precious content or great features just the way you’re imagining with multiple layouts and flexible options

Progress bars and pies

Showing just how much you have advanced in a field is easy fast and good looking in both bars and pies view


Amazingly looking and easy adjustable counters to give the things some density impressing your visitors


Present dense content in an elegant way with the beautiful and functional accordions and toggles included

Intros with Tabs

Combine multiple appealing messages in a single intro letting the user decide what to get familiar with and in which order

Features with Tabs

Another great and convenient way of presenting your features, content and images in a colorful and space saving way

Testimonial sliders

Many people might have worm words to say about you – save your site’s space placing them in a functional slider

Contact blocks

Functional and vivid multiple predefined contact blocks to keep and show your valuable contact information


Fresh layouts to display a summary of your news to the public. Unequal widths for grabbing the attention from the first glance


The team is important – brag about them with great team blocks including come beautiful info blocks emerging when hovering over the images

Call to Action

Give the user just the slight push sometimes needed to take the next step with these

Testimonial Intro

Why wait the visitor to scroll down – show what others say about you right from the start in the intros with a testimonial included


Cool and appealing timeline elements with multiple customization options to help you visually describe the path you’ve passed so far


Amazing fully functional storefront block with filters, product descriptions, features products and product categories.

Powerful Icons

Vast library of clean and beautiful icons to clarify and enhance your features description

Rich Footers

Easily create a secondary navigational menu or share some important information with the full of options footer elements

How to use it

Use the red button with the plus to access the blocks palette, select from the preview images the blocks you think will work best for you and just drag them in the right places in your project rearranging them freely anytime by dragging. Freely change your website’s entire vision by just editing the settings in the Style editor (the value brush button) Use the controls from the top white bar to switch between different devices viewport in real time, preview and publish your new web site. Add all the pages you need and edit their and entire project’s settings from the functionalities in the Hamburger fly out menu.

ColorM Theme gives you a fresh and appealing look combined with a powerful arsenal of predefined blocks with different functions. Powered by the Bootstrap 4 framework it's perfect for content of any type including the possibility  to create a great web store in just a few clicks.