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 The PurityM theme carries a very special subtle and romantic mood combined with beautiful clean and balanced appearance. Totally responsive it can be generally used for any purpose but the real power of this Bootstrap 4 powered theme is in gaining your users sympathy and trust. 

PurityM Bootstrap Free Template preview

PurityM Blocks Preview

Bootstrap Free Template

PurityM Bootstrap Free Theme Features

Powerful Slider

Set the main points of your concept in beautiful images with headings text content and calls to action

Masonry  Gallery

Present your best shots or portfolio items in the responsive gallery block with a pop up light box

Images and video

Place even more powerful images and videos in the placeholders in just a few clicks

Contact/Subcribe forms

Give your users the freedom to contact you or subscribe to your newsletter

Mobile menu

Beautiful navigation elements easily transform to fit the screen width of any device

Dropdown menu

Even complex web site structure can be easily recreated with the multilevel dropdown functionality

Google Maps

Just typing in your address is enough for the predefined maps blocks to lock position correctly

Social share

Let your users spread the word about your amazing new site by just a click

Video background

Any block can use as background a video from your favorite YouTube channel

Parallax background

Achieve trendy parallax scroll effect to your image backgrounds in just a click

Full screen intros

Intelligent elements automatically resizing to spread across any screen

Article blocks

Get your user's sympathy creating rich and appealing articles


Share what others think about you and your business

Price tables

Easily showcase your most important products or services with this flexible and responsive 

Cookies alert

Just type in the text to let your users know you're using cookies and they will be aware upon visiting

Google analytics

With the specially designed field for that you can just paste your code from Google in

How to use it

Call out the Blocks Palette with the red Plus Button and start dragging out the blocks you need in your project. Adjust each block's properties from its Control Panel - the blue gear icon. Reorder inserted blocks by dragging them with the green arrows handle. Use the hamburger icon to access Pages, Site ant Themes and Extensions Sections and set the appropriate options for your site. You can also add as many pages you need from there or duplicate already built page. Use the view buttons in the middle to toggle between views at any time. The eye icon is for Previewing your site and the Publish button allows you to publish your project either locally or on your server 

PurityM Theme comes to you entirely FREE of charge as a part of Mobirise Mobile Web Builder. You can use it completely free for creating awesome totally responsive web sites for your personal or business needs - for as many projects and web pages you might desire.