Landing Page Template for Business


DirectM is full of bright new exciting design features and options. It offers almost total control over the inserted content combined with powerful new features to help you create like a pro. The perfect Business Landing Page Template for your next amazing project!

DirectM free Mobirise Builder Theme preview

DirectM Blocks Preview

DirectM is full of bright new exciting design features and options. It offers almost total control over the inserted content combined with powerful new features to help you create like a pro. The perfect Bootstrap 4 powered theme for your next amazing project!

DirectM Theme Features

Powerful Slider

Great appealing way showcasing the main points of your powerful concepts fortifying them with the greatest images you can pick

Masonry Gallery

Comfortable and beautiful masonry thumbnails best presenting your great images or portfolio with captions and filtering options by tag

Images and video

All major image formats and even SVG graphics and YouTube or Vimeo videos can take place in the media placeholders of each block

Contact/Subscribe  forms

Convenient and incredibly easy to set up forms - just add your email. Or you can customize them entirely with your own solutions

Mobile menu

Intelligent menu resizes according to the device it gets displayed on to ensure the best appearance possible

Dropdown menu

Recreate even the most sophisticated structure your site might have with the powerful dropdown multilevel navigation

Google Maps

Instant integration of the most popular location service - what's needed is only the address or the coordinates of the target

Social share

Get your great pages instantly shared over the most major social networks by simply including the appropriate block in the project

Video background

Easily add appealing videos as backgrounds of your blocks with the built in video background feature. Convenient color overlay included

Parallax background

Built in switchable parallax effect add instant depth to your image backgrounds making them scroll down the parallax way

Full screen intros

Intelligent elements fill in the entire screen of each device they display on leaving space for nothing but your message

Article blocks

Share your amazing stories and points of view with the powerful and appealing article blocks including many options and layouts

Testimonial sliders

Share the feedbacks you've got in clean and comprehensive way with the great testimonial slider

Price tables

Amazing design solutions and appealing appearances make your best products and plans stand up in the crowd

Cookies alert

Discreet and fully customizable notification lets our visitors know you're using cookies in case that warning is required

Google analytics

Instant integration in the world's most popular tracking platform with the especially designed field for the purpose

Intros with Features

Capture your user’s attention and go straight to the point outlining the main features of your ideas with impressive full screen intros with features

Beautiful Gradients

Beautiful background transitions between two and three colors to make your elements stand up and amaze the audience

Scalable Media

Set the exact size of the media elements in your site with the convenient new sizing feature without touching the code

Layered Images

Achieve appealing effects with multiple images stacked over each other like background, main and featured image all together

Features and Content

Your features will shine out with the great flexible ways you have for presenting them. Entirely new layout and settings included 

Features Slider

Impress your audience with powerful features sliders utilizing the screen spase in the best appealing way possible


Let the numbers speak for themselves with the counters in your pages. Easy setup - just type the numbers in - the block will do the rest


Amazing collapsible elements with even Show All Collapsed option to safely keep your long information blocks

Features with Tabs

Great way for different features to share the same space letting the user select which one to be read first

Hover States

Adjustable hover colors and gradient backgrounds are taking your page designs to the next level

Flexible blocks

With the new media resizing feature blocks dynamically resize to best fit their inner contents

Powerful Icons

Icons take place in the most amazing ways - even as independent part of some block's background

How to use it

Expand the Blocks palette with the big red Plus button and drag the blocks you think might fit best your needs in the project. You can easily reorder them later on. Set the appropriate styling options for each block from its Properties Panel. Toggle between views to create in with the viewport buttons at the top, Preview and publish instantly with the buttons in the top right corner. Create as many projects and add as many pages you need through the hamburger menu where you can also manage your Extensions and Themes. Change the whole site appearance through the Style changer altering primary colors and shapes in a few clicks.

DirectM gives you the full freedom to design your page exactly the way you're imagining it without even knowing what the code is about. This powerful and flexible Bootstrap 4 based theme will help shape up even the boldest concepts you could think of.