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Sleek is Bootstrap 3 theme created by Theme Express

Sleek free Mobirise Builder Theme preview

Sleek for Mobirise Blocks Preview

Bootstrap Mobile Template - Sleek Theme

Sleek Theme for Mobirise Features

Powerful Slider

Present your appealing images in a slider with captions, content and button elements

Masonry Gallery

Block for showing your images in masonry tiles and expand them in a responsive light box

Images and video

Replaceable placeholder images and YouTube videos – easy and convenient

Contact/Subscribe forms

Out of the box predefined forms with easy setup and form handler solution

Mobile menu

Responsive menu element automoatically resizing to display appropriate on any device

Dropdown menu

Dropdown functionality is not supported by the Sleek Theme

Google Maps

Predefined full width map block – typing the address automatically positions the map accordingly

Social share

Block with buttons for sharing the content of your page in Facebook G+ and Tweeter

Video background

YouTube video can be added as a block background with adjustable overlay solid color

Parallax background

Available option for adding parallax scrolling effect to block’s image backgrounds in a click

Full screen intros

Intro elements adjusting to the dimensions of the screen fitting it entirely

Article blocks

Predefined elements for building an article like different column layouts, headings and quotes


A block to help you share what your clients or partners say about you in different layouts

Price tables

Flexible elements for showcasing your pricing plans with many info and options

Cookies alert

Editable custom text cookies alert emerging upon site’s initial load if needed

Google analytics

Field for just pasting in your tracking code provided from Google to include it in your web site

How to use it

All the blocks you have available with this Bootstrap Mobile Template are in the blocks palette which you can call with the red plus button – just drag the ones you need in your project and freely drag up/ down to rearrange if needed. With the Style Editor the Blue Brush button you can redefine global colors and fonts for the entire project changing the appearance of your site in just a few clicks. On the top are the buttons for toggling the view in Builder – like Mobile, Tablet, Desktop or Previewing and Publishing what you’ve accomplished so far – locally, FTP, GitHub Pages. In the right side menu called out by the Hamburger icon you can add more pages, assign some descriptions to them and manage your site’s settings

Sleek is Bootstrap 3 theme created by Theme Express