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SpaceM is a great Bootstrap HTML theme focused on your content and the best way presenting it clearly and utilizing space the best way possible. With its clean vision and lightning fast performance this Bootstrap 4  theme is great for a clear showcase of your ideas.

SpaceM Bootstrap HTML Template

SpaceM Blocks Preview

Image of all Blocks available in SpaceM Bootstrap HTML Template

SpaceM Bootstrap HTML Template Features

Powerful Slider

Put your most appealing images in front to present your main concepts and ideas. Add some captions, text and buttons if you need to 

Masonry Gallery

Use the masonry layout to show even more images each one displaying in a convenient light box when needed

Images and video

Any image or YouTube video can be easily part of your blocks. Just point to and you’re ready to go

Contact/Subscribe  forms

With the built in form handling solution and the multiple preset layouts inserting forms is easy and fun

Mobile menu

Great looking and functional menu element resizing to display beautifully on any device’s screen width!

Dropdown menu

Any site structure can be easily presented on any screen with the dropdown functionality

Google Maps

Just type the address and the maps feature will automatically move and scale the map over it – easy and fun

Social share

Sharing on most popular platforms is taken care of – just drag the block in your project and select the networks to include

Video background

Place your favorite YouTube video as a background to almost any block – just paste the link in

Parallax background

Achieving depth for your background images is taken care of with the built in switchable parallax background functionality

Full screen intros

Clever intro elements automatically expand to fit the exact size of each device’s screen for best first impression

Article blocks

All the elements you need for creating powerful and colorful article are just waiting for you to arrange them


Your clients and coworkers opinion can be easily shared. Multiple layouts for different types of feedback

Price tables

Flexible and rich of types of content to be filled in regarding the pricing options you want to share with your users

Cookies alert

If you need to you can easily alert your users about the use of cookies on your site – just type your text in

Google analytics

With the built in functionality integration with Google is easy and fast – it narrows down to pasting in the tracking code

Intros with Forms

Easy to handle forms as a part of impressive intro elements. Form handler service included – just enter your email

Features and Content

Since focus is set on content there are multiple convenient, flexible and appealing blocks for showing it to the world

Logo slider

Cool war presenting multiple images or logos in a slider displaying a few of them inline.


Save space with the accordions and toggles. Arrange them in various ways with the many layouts available

Contacts in Navbar

With this cool and fancy functionality your contacts details are always just a scroll away from your user’s attention safely kept in the navbar.

Progress bars and pies

Multiple beautiful progress bars available – both standard or styled as pie charts – just adjust the slider to the needed progress level


Intuitive and impressive counters are incredibly easy to set up – just type the number you need and see it animated upon preview

Testimonial sliders

Sharing the feedback about you and saving space have never been easier. With the testimonial slider you got all your testimonials cycling inline in a trendy slider


Showcase different features utilizing the same space with the tabs functionality – easy and impressive

Contact blocks

With maps and multiple contact options and the ability to directly launch the application handling certain type of communication

Uniform appearance

To keep things stylish all blocks fallow clean and simple color scheme. You can easily change it entirely from the Styles editor

Rich Footer

Build an extra level of navigation links or add some final touches to your site with the clean ad functional footer blocks

How to use it

Create your first draft version incredibly easy just dragging out some blocks you think might fit your concept from the Blocks palate called out with the red plus button. Rearrange the inserted blocks by just dragging them to the places you find fit. Switch the device you want the builder to emulate, preview and publish each time you find appropriate with the buttons in the top white bar. Add as many pages you need and set their options from the Hamburger menu in the top left corner of the window. The brush button next to the Blocks Palette is your Style editor – changing a feature from there reflects your entire project.

When it comes to presenting your concepts and ideas the SpaceM is the theme for you. Clean responsive and lightning  fast in performance this amazing Bootstrap 4 theme is created for utilizing your web site's space the best way possible at a humble price