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 The Mobirise 1 Theme is capable of presenting your content in various powerful ways - all you need is picking up the right blocks! Expressive intro elements, image sliders and galleries come along with forms, social sharing and google maps elements customizable in just a few clicks. The neutral styling makes it suitable for any type of content. Totally responsive and free!

Mobirise 1 Free Bootstrap Theme

Mobirise 1 Theme Blocks Preview

Image of all blocks in Free Bootstrap Theme

Mobirise 1 Theme Features

Powerful Slider

Present your most powerful images and videos, the base points of your concept or both with the easy to setup slider block. 

Masonry Gallery

Show multiple appealing images or videos at once in a masonry style gallery reveling them in a light box upon clicking.

Images and video

Insert images and videos just like you would pick up an attachment for your email. YouTube supported - just paste the link and you're ready to go

Contact/Subscribe forms

Incredibly easy to setup and use - just fill in your email and use the built in form handler or replace it with your favorite script

Mobile menu

Totally responsive menu block scales and transforms to display great on any device - you need to set it up only once!

Dropdown menu

Creating multiple levels of navigation links is easy and fast with the built in Dropdown functionality - both on Desktop and Mobile

Google Maps

With the full width and boxed Google maps blocks placing a landmark is easy and fast - all you need is typing in your address.

Social share

Integration with the social networks is fully covered - share your content or add multiple feeds in your page with the predefined blocks

Video background

Add a video as background to any block and dim it as necessary with the adjustable solid color overlay feature

Parallax background

The trendy and impressive parallax effect can be added to any image background you desire by just flipping a switch

Full screen intros

Impress with the responsive intro blocks scaling to fit the entire screen on any device setting the focus on what matters

Article blocks

Create rich and powerful articles in any layout you need with the heading, body and text with image aside predefined blocks


With the built in Testimonials blocks you can share what your clients are saying about you in easy and impressive way

Price tables

It's easy and fun to present some of your best products and services and set the focus over the ones you think should stand up

Cookies alert

Aware your visitors you're using cookies on your site with the built in alert feature choosing the most appropriate text to show.

Google analytics

Integrate your site with any tracking platform by just pasting the code it would provide you in the field specially designed for that

How to use it

Bring out the Blocks Palette with the big red Plus button down to the right and drag out the blocks you think will fit best your needs.. Adjust each block's settings with the blue gear button and pour your content just like you would in your office text redactor. Reorder blocks at any time just dragging them with the green arrows. Switch between Mobile, Tablet and Desktop view, preview and publish your project at any time with the buttons from in the white top bar. Adjust your navigation links once and they will be there at all pages you add later. Use the Page and Site settings dialogs to add your Google analytics code and page descriptions.

Mobirise 1 Theme comes to you entirely FREE of charge as a part of Mobirise Mobile Web Builder. You can use it completely free for creating awesome totaly responsive web sites for your personal or business needs - for as many projects and web pages you might desire. 

By downloading the Mobirise Builder you'll also get the Mobirise 3 Theme powered by the latest Bootstrap 4 framework containing even more amazing trendy blocks to make your web pages shine!  Make sure you check it out over here..