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With the powerful Block Pack for Mobirise 3 you can add to your Bootstrap 4 web site expensive and  professional look like it has been created from a web design agency. No coding skills required - just your imagination and great ideas. You can even create fully functional online store!

Mobirise 3 Bootstrap Starter Template

Preview of the Blocks in the Blocks Pack

Bootstrap Starter Template of free Mobirise Builder

Block Pack for Mobirise 3 Features

Intros with Forms

Grab your user's attention at the very start and let them easily reach you or subscribe to your news

Video Pop-Up

Best utilize the space in your inros with  a video emerging in modal only when needed

Typed Effect

Amaze your users seeing headings being typed, deleted and retyped again in real time

Animated Background

Add a scrolling text as in-depth background to your content blocks by just typing the words

Trendy menu

Utilize the convenient navigation safely keeping your contact details to reveal them each time user scrolls up.


Pin the date of an upcoming event and let your users always keep track of the time that's left towards it.

Innovative sliders

Add some movement to your images by just adding them to the Kenburns and Parallax slider

Perfect combos

Utilize multiple amazing functionalities subtly combined in a single block to best fit your needs

Features and Content

Rich collection of blocks for presenting the important features you would like to set focus on

Progress bars and pies

Stylish and easy to set up and combine elements to help you chowing your progress to the world


Cool and impressing counters to help you share some quantities with your users


Accordions and toggles to help you summarize what's important and save space


Present multiple features or different types of information utilizing the same space easy and impressive

Logo slider

Show the brands of your partners or clients in a stylish logo slider element or just add some small pics

Testimonial sliders

Share the feedbacks you've got with your users not making them endlessly scroll down to read them all

Contact blocks

Comfortably place all types of contact info along with a form and google maps in a trendy way


Easily present the long and interesting path you've passed so far with a trendy timeline


Set up a small storefront with the Shop block with Categories, Filters and Featured products


Responsive tables with built in filtering and sorting functionality for your large data content

Clean footer

A clean and stylish solution for placing just a few navigation links at the end

How to use it

Add the Blocks Pack through your Extensions &Themes Section or make sure it's up to date if you already had. Than scroll down to pass by the native theme blocks or select Extension from the Block Palette’s Filtering options and just drag out the blocks you think will fit best your needs using the block's initial headings as tips for each block's different functionalities. 

Blocks Pack for Mobirise 3 Theme is great addition to your free Bootstrap 4 Mobirise 3 theme letting you expand your capabilities with Mobirise Builder up to the limits of your imagination. It includes more than 60 unique innovative predefined blocks and more are coming up with each update. It definitely  is a must-have for web designers, advanced users and basically everybody wanting even more of the Builder.