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YOUPLAY - Bootstrap Template for Gamers

Youplay is Bootstrap 3 theme created by nK

Youplay Bootstrap Basic Template

Youplay for Mobirise Blocks Preview

All blocks of Youplay Bootstrap Basic Template

Youplay Bootstrap Basic Template Features

Features Slider

Multiple feature images inline slider with Caption and Rating options

Mobile menu

Navbar element transforming for appropriate appearance on any screen

Images and video

Image and YouTube video placeholders in the blocks can be replaced by your own easily

Contact/Subscribe forms

Feature not supported by theme

Video background

YouTube video can easily be added as background of the blocks with adjustable color overlay

Parallax background

Parallax effect can be applied to block’s background images as a toggleable option

Logo Slider

Customizable slider to show a set of small images or logos of brands you are involved with

Article blocks

Predefined blocks to help you create an article easily


Sharing what others have to say about you is easy with the predefined testimonials block

Price tables

Customizable pricing blocks to showcase the pricing plans of your products and services

Cookies alert

Built in customizable alert letting the visitors know the web site uses cookies

Google analytics

Field to contain your code from Google and integrate it securely in your site on all pages

How to use it

All the blocks are in the left blocks palette – call it out with the red plus button and drag in your project the ones you need. Adjust the colors and fonts of the project with the Style Editor - you can get to it with the blue brush button. On the top of your builder there are buttons to toggle the view between Mobile, Tablet and Desktop and to the right there are buttons allowing you to preview your project or publish it locally or directly on server via the built n FTP functionality. The Hamburger button in the top left corner of Mobirise Builder’s window calls out the main menu where you can add more pages to the project, switch between projects and set some options for each one. You can also manage your Themes and Extensions 

Youplay is Bootstrap 3 theme created by nK